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About us


Deogratius E. Kleoper

C.E.O & Founder

Born and raised in Tanzania, wilderness is our home. It is our mission to offer our guests truly meaningful wildlife experiences, combined with stays at some of the most spectacular safari camps & lodges in Africa.


We operate with a belief that a real safari is an authentic exploration that always respects culture, wildlife and nature. Our team is committed to sustaining the pride of Tanzania, its environment, cultural heritage and the well-being of its wildlife and people. Our mission is to offer responsible travel experiences carefully created to minimise the social, economic and environmental impact on destinations visited. We aim to educate and inspire our guests about the sustainable and respectful wildlife viewing. Our guides are sensible explorers who understand the importance of not missing out the smell of the wilderness, the light in the air and spotting even the smallest creatures around us.


We have our own ground operations team in Tanzania, experienced nature guides and travel specialists who are there for you on every step of the way. Our guests comfort is very important to us.  If you have a back problem, do let us know. We'll go an extra mile to make sure your seat has an extra padding to soften the ride on rocky roads. We always ensure that our cars are in good shape and comfortable for you to enjoy the journey to the fullest.


Our prices are transparent, without surprises, hidden fees or additional service charges. 

Sirini Safaris is a proudly working in collaboration with

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